Values Driven Entrepreneurship

GAF empowers entrepreneurs to and acts as innovator, incubator and facilitator for transformative values-driven entrepreneurship within the companies and in society in order to implement the values in a coherent way. GAF provides knowledge, research, publications and trainings of values-driven entrepreneurs in China and abroad to reach the objective.

Activities include:

1.  Access to information, through the general online library on ethics of and through specialized collections such as Online China Christianity Collection, Socialist Values Collection, Confucian Ethics Collection and RelArt Collection;

2 Research on values-driven ethical entrepreneurship for modules, practical cases; historical and comparative studies; directory of associations of faith-based entrepreneurs (or eventually a yearbook); translations of respective books to and from Chinese;

3 Publications on research results, among others in the China Christian Series of, in average 2 publications per year;

4 Conferences: Organize a bi-annual (2018 and 2020) international conference on Christian (later eventually interfaith) entrepreneurs associations for mutual learning and support.

5 Trainings by support of CEMBA courses of Kingdom Business College, including one exposure training per year (or every second year) for CEMBA students/entrepreneurs, in Europe, Africa or other continents;

6 Networking: Connect the Christian entrepreneurs within China and with selected peers in other countries such as Switzerland, Kenya; Russia, India, Korea or Malaysia.