Innovative Philanthropy

GAF acts as innovator, incubator and facilitator for transformative (present or future) philanthropy leaders (Values-driven entrepreneurs, foundation managers, church leaders, volunteer leaders). GAF promotes venture philanthropy. GAF as think tank provides knowledge, research, publications and trainings in China and abroad to reach the objective.

Activities include:

1 Access to information: Facilitate access to information on philanthropy and best practices for philanthropy leaders.

2 Research on innovative philanthropy relevant for entrepreneurs, in cooperation with research institutions/partners in China and internationally;

3 Publications: publish research results as a report on innovative philanthropy relevant for the target group;

4 Conferences: offer a bi-annual conference on innovative philanthropy in cooperation with Liaoning Agape Foundation LAF in North East China (2017 and 2019);

5 Consultancy and training for selection, strategic positioning and project management of new foundations and new philanthropy projects, mainly through Liaoning Agape Foundation LAF in North East China;

6 Platform: offer a platform, e.g. webinars and online forum, to support donors and regularly update them and listen to their suggestions and needs.