Share your time!

Volunteering is very rewarding: to help people, to contribute to society, to expand experiences to new fields, to gain additional expertise and  last but not least to meet people and strengthen the personal network. Not-for-Profit Organizations (NPO) very much depend on volunteers who offer their time as their philanthropy engagement. The same is true for the young innovative Geneva Agape foundation with its small number of employed staff.

Volunteers can work for an event, a research project, fundraising, administrative tasks, translations, editing and many more. It can be a short activity like helping in one event or regular longer term involvment. Depending on the tasks it can be done from home, in GAF office or at the place of activity.

Interns are volunteers for a certain period (GAF normally minimum three months), located in the office with the support of a superior and the team and with 50-100% time engagement.

Please contact one of the persons on the contact page and share your ideas and offers so that we explore possibilities. You are welcomed!