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China Christian Series

China Christian 9 China Christian 9

Diaconia: An Introduction. Theological Foundation of Christian Service

China Christian 2 China Christian 2

We all are guests on earth!A Global Christian Vision for Climate Justice (Chinese)

Chinese Catechism Series

GAF Board member Prof. YouBin published in Chinese in China four volumes “Chinese Catechism” on the Ten Commandments, the Confession of Faith, the Lord’s Prayer and the Liturgy.

The English version of the four volumes is co-published with

Three volumes are published in 2023, the fourth will be published later in 2023.

AGAPE Insights

How can we distinguish between a cult or sect and a credible church or religious group?

Bai Yun, Professor at the famous Suzhou University in China, develops criteria to answer the question in his Case Study about the Cult Quan-neng-shen. It started early 1990s and spread then internationally. The study answers the question from the Christian perspective.  The study is available for free download .


The Bible and The Word Appears in the Flesh

An article of former GAF Director, Nicoleta Acatrinei Ph.D on the relation of faith and economy.

Quand les lois de l’économie s’inspiraient des lois de l’âme, Nicoleta Acatrinei Ph.D

NA Economie article

AGAPE Life Stories

You will read the real stories about Love-Agape here!

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Vietnam Ethics Series

Vietnam Hoc Institute (Vietnam studies) is a partner of the Geneva Agape Foundation.

GAF supports to publish the Vietnam Ethics Series.

Dr. Anh Tho Andres and GAF President Christoph Stückelberger are the Series Co-Editors. Link to the Series.


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