GAF offers training internationally with since 2014, later with Liaoning Agape Foundation as implementing partner.

Entrepreneur Training Trip from Rome to Geneva

A group of entrepreneurs from China took part in the training on values-driven entrepreneurship in Rome, Geneva and Taizé, organized by the Geneva Agape Foundation. The trip is to strengthen the participants' conviction and practical orientation as values-driven entrepreneurs in China through discovering the roots of faith in Europe. See details

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Cambridge March 2017

‘Making A DIFFERENCE: CHRISTIAN IMPACT ON THE BUSINESS WORLD’ was the topic of The "2017 Faith in Business" Conference in Cambridge, UK during 31 March to 2 April. GAF President Prof. Cui Wantian was a keynote speaker on "Chinese Business Education" where he presented Kingdom Business College model.

A delegation of twelve Chinese entrepreneurs attended the conference, they also visited various companies in Cambridge and London. GAF intends to sign a partner agreement with Faith in Business, the institution based at Ridley Hall in Cambridge University who also was the organizer of the conference. The keynote speakers, mainly entrepreneurs, presented their concrete cases and reflections on how to run a business based on religious values and how to deal with the challenges in business from this perspective.   


Prof. Cui Waitian giving a keynote speech on Chinese Business Education








The Chinese entrepreneur delegation in front of Ridley Hall, Cambridge University




Read the report, cited from Faith in Business Quarterly Edition Nov. 2017, written by Dr. Richard Higginson, the Director of Faith in Business

Kenya October 2016

30 entrepreneurs from China visited Kenya, for most of them it was their first time being in Africa. The group learned about African politics, economy, business and education. They had the exposure to local church and some social projects. The discovery of the beauty of God’s creation in the wild life reserve was one of the trip’s highlights.

The group was amazed by the rich culture, profound faith in the Christianity community, they were impressed by the warm welcome of the Africans. Under the responsibility of GAF, the Chinese entrepreneurs donated in the slum in Nairobi. 

2016 Dec. Kenya trip


For most of them, it was the first time being in Africa.




 Read the full report 

Europe June 2015

Ten Chinese artists and ten European artists met for an one-week encounter in Köln/Germany and Geneva/Switzerland including an international conference on ‘Religious Art in Europe and China’. Chinese artists donated arts to GAF.


The Artists in the Ecumenical Center in Geneva





Geneva April 2015

Training on ethical entrepreneurship, exposure to environmental green business concepts in Europe. Cultural encounters in Switzerland and visit to University of Basel.

2015 Geneva training for Chinese entrepreneurs


A group of entrepreneurs from China participated the training




 Geneva April 2014

The pilgrimage trip to Europe (Rome, Berlin, Geneva) co-organized by Kingdom Business School and, the group had trainings on various topics including faith, ethical entrepreneurship etc.



The group was mainly comprised of values-driven entrepreneurs from China