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We have a dream

wehaveadreamThe greatest thing in this world is love (agape);  

The equality in love is the true and fundamental equality.

To love and to be loved is the basic right and obligation of human beings. 

If everyone could be respected, they would be naturally respectful to others!

If everyone could be loved equally, they would love others equally!

If everyone could be loved deeply, they would try their best to love!

Charity is the son of love!
Charity without love is a well-looking lady with a hollow body;
Dream becomes true in love!
Dream rooted in the land without love will depart from its initial thoughts and finally be lost!


Every single heart in this world is longing for being loved and wants to love;
The need for love is almost limitless, and the supply of love should also be continuous.
However, the road to the other side of the love sea is too dangerous and long;
Sometimes, people can find neither bridge nor even road.
Our dream is to build a bridge of hope and a road of love between being loved and to love, leading people to the other side. 


Please take the road signs and maps guiding directions to love that we have discovered;
Please take the courageous wings of ours;
Please go across the bridge of hope to walk on the road of love built by us;
And make our mutual dreams with goodness and love fly!
Let us fly together! To the other side of love in the distance!
That is the vision of our foundation, Love and Dream.


We are inventors of love:       
we create and discover simpler methods to love and to make our love and dream become true.
We are engineers of love:       
we build more convenient and flatter roads and bridges to approach the ones longing for being loved.
We are scientists of love: 
we make researches on the nature, rules and methods of love, turning love into a science.
We are philanthropists of love:
opening the eyes of charity and manage it professionally.
We are artists of love:            
we compose music of love, depict the beauty of love, fill love with large amount of happiness, and surround charity with fun.
We are entrepreneurs of love:  
we run the business of love, manage the team of love, operate  love with high efficiency and excellence, and turn charity into a sustainable, life-long career!
Prof. Cui Wantian