From Faith to Business and From Business to Faith

We have the pleasure to announce to you the launching of the Agape Guests Series.

The collection of portraits that the Agape Guests Series is aiming to share with you was inspired by the Desert Fathers writings which I always read with great pleasure. The stories we find in the Desert Fathers collection have two main qualities:

  1. They feature real-life stories of people who strived to live a life in Christ as authentic and as fully as possible. They are presenting the heights and the downs of human nature in a simple and yet profound way.
  2. They are teaching without teaching, the wisdom the reader leaves with after reading them is embedded and naturally infuses the mind and the soul. Desert Fathers don’t deliver lessons, discourses, or all made-up answers, they share the story of their life in Christ with all the struggles they faced and through their narration, they join us today who are facing the same difficulties, questions, dilemmas, etc.

The writings of Desert Fathers are one of the best examples of virtue ethics, a radical way to grow a beautiful and strong character. Virtue is not something to be learned from a book but from a real person experiencing directly what she is sharing, which is true knowledge.

This is what we would like to accomplish through this Agape Guests Series, sharing with you lives that may inspire, motivate, encourage you in this endless process of personal growth.

The Journey

  • Tony Hodges - City Vision

    Tony Hodges - City Vision

    After working for a large consulting firm and with a media background, Tony grew a communications consultancy over 23 years to employ 100 staff on 3 continents. He sold the business 2 years ago and is now applying the lessons learned to City Vision when brings leaders together from churches, civil life, charities, and businesses to envision greater well-being for the city. He is 73, has been married to Vivienne since 1984, and lives near Leeds, UK.

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