Agape-love is not an attitude of a few religiously pious softies. Agapelove
is at the center of the world. It holds together all what is created. (Read more)

Extracted from book titled "Globalance" of Christoph Stückelberger

Agape Love

Vision (Where we want to be)

We aim at living love in a practical and professional way so that our dream becomes true: We dream of and envision a world where love (agape) transforms lives and society, the gap between poor and rich is reduced, environment is protected, conflicts are solved in peace and decisions and actions are driven by values and virtues.

Mission (What we do that the dream becomes true)

1. We focus on Values-driven Entrepreneurship, Innovation in Philanthropy and Values-driven Investments.

2. We empower values-driven entrepreneurs as key drivers of innovation and transformation in companies, in philanthropy and in society;

3. We act as Innovator, Incubator and Facilitator (mainly as a think tank for research, empowerment and cooperation, less as implementer),

    3.1 for Values-driven Entrepreneurship inside the companies and their responsibility in society, so that the values are implemented in a coherent way.

    3.2 for innovative Philanthropy Leadership, so that the philanthropy dream and commitment of entrepreneurs becomes true;

    3.3 for values-driven Investments so that investments in business and in the not-for-profit sector serve the needy and support the values.

4. We cooperate with Partners in China and internationally in a multi-stakeholder way, so that mutual learning, synergies and greater impact become true. We connect entrepreneurs and NGOs within China and internationally;

5. We promote values-driven transformation, in the personal, economic, environmental, public, academic, cultural and religious sector; we thereby support online efforts in the cyberspace such as online libraries.

Values (What guides us in implementing the mission)

  • Love                           True love is the highest value
  • Sharing                       The benevolent loves others as oneself
  • Non-violence               Making transformation in soft and persistent way like water
  • Responsibility              Knowledge, values and action go hand in hand
  • Inclusiveness               We respect diversity and want to include all needy
  • Justice                         We stand for equality and fairness
  • Thankfulness               We love because we are loved and blessed (by God)

Principles (How we implement the mission)

  • Transparency and Openness
  • Simplicity and Easiness
  • Relaxation and Happiness
  • Professionality and Quality
  • Cyber-technology and Innovation
  • Efficiency and Impact
  • Loyalty and Legality
  • Integrity and Honesty


Geographic Focus

GAF offers the services on all continents, but particularly in:

  • China
  • Global Programmes
  • Africa

Thematic Focus

GAF supports programs mainly in the following fields:

  • Philanthropy Development Services
  • Ethics
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Responsible Business
  • Art
  • Access to online resources and IT technology


The vision, mission and values can be summarized in the slogan:
Innovate – Care – Invest by Values-driven Entrepreneurship