The 5th faith-based
Investment Conference
Geneva Agape Foundation

January 21st, 2022

Scaling-up Opportunities
and Partnerships

ONLINE and in Person (limited spaces)
World Council of Churches







From Words to Actions.

From top-down to bottom-up initiatives.

From single/unilateral to synchronised/multilateral strategic partnerships and programs.

This 2022 January Conference on Faith-based investment conference aims to initiate a shift in what has been a fast-growing movement, that of faiths and of their role and actions in investments aligned with their values.

As a matter fact, faiths started to practice impact investing long before the concept existed itself. This is true either we see this from the perspective of sacred texts advising on the use of money, which goes back to thousands of years, or more recently, with the practice in the last fifty years of the negative screening strategies allowing to exclude investments in harmful industries and sectors of activity. In other words, faiths are pioneers when it comes to see in investments much more than a simple, neutral financial operation. This is because faiths have always seen human being as part of an assemble greater than him, yet, responsible and accountable of it. During this 2022 edition, the Geneva Conference is opening an Agora, a hub, where diverse actors from international institutions and governments to faiths organizations and investment world key players come together to think syncretical about joint investment-related solutions to address the wounds of the world expressed in the SGDs, in various Climate focused initiatives, in social impact enterprises.