What is GAF?

Geneva Agape Foundation (GAF) is a global non-profit foundation based in Geneva Switzerland. GAF aims at living love (Agape) in a professional and practical way through Values-driven Entrepreneurship, Innovative Philanthropy and Values-driven Investments. GAF acts as Innovator, Incubator and Facilitator to transform lives and society with the Agape-love.

GAF has now “Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council ECOSOC”

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Welcome to Geneva Agape Foundation!

GAF Annual Conference

Media Release and Conference Material are available here

Faithinvest: 17-18 January 2020!

Pre-workshop: 16 January 2020



Faith at Work Directory - Online searchable database is now available!

Report of Conference 2019 is available now!

2nd enlarged Faith at Work Directory is available now!

Diaconia: An Introduction. Theological Foundation of Christian Service, the Chinese version is ready to download

Newsletter no. 7 of GAF is recently launched. See more here

  • 25-27th October: Opportunity to participate at the Kingdom ConAct Conference in Hamburg/Germany. Register online at http://kingdom-conact.com/ (More)
  • GAF has now “Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council ECOSOC”

  • Faithinvest Development Committee Meeting in Feb 2019
  • Atlas of Religion in China: Social and Geographical Contexts (Available on amazon)
Author: Fenggang Yang.
October 2018 - Hardback. 
ISBN 978 90 04 35885 0. 
E-ISBN 978 90 04 36990 0
    • GAF Newsletter no. 5 is released. It is available now with the new update programmes and GAF activities.
    • Kina Robertshaw has released her new project "Conversations with Christian Entrepreneurs series". A series of very passionate videos. Watch them now
    • WEA Faith in Finance Consultation, July 21-22. In advance of the Christian Economic Forum, the World Evangelical Alliance´s Business Coalition gathered a group of Christian financial leaders in St. Moritz/ Switzerland in order to strategise and discuss faith-based investment guidelines from an evangelical point of view. (More)

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