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Liaoning Agape Foundation LAF, a Chinese partner of Geneva Agape Foundation, raised over 350,000 RMB for two projects. They were all spent online on 9 September, the National Charity Day 99.

It is the third annual 99 Charity Day that Chinese internet giant Tencent initiated. LAF dedicated two projects < Angels with Broken-wings > and <Legal Education in School> to the online fundraising campaign, from which Tencent promised to match every penny collected within a certain time window. The campaign hinged on WeChat, the most popular messaging app in China, where is also the one-stand place to realize the campaigning, donation payment and posting on ‘Friend Circle’ after each donation is done.

<Angels with Broken-wings> is a long-term charitable project that LAF implements to help young people who suffer from life difficulties because of their physical and mental or family reasons in rural northeast part of China. <Legal Education in Primary School> aims to tackle the in-campus bullying by propagating the legal knowledge among primary and middle schoolers. The amount raised at the end of the 3-day online campaign exceeded the goal targeting at 10,000RMB for each project.

Picture shows the moment that LAF’s staff waited to click together on ‘Donate’ as soon as the ‘Matching donation’ time window opened.


Once the donation got through, the user would be told immediately how many ‘matching donation’ was received from various sponsors.


Charity Bazaar on 99 Charity Day

On 99 Charity Day, Taiyuan Jie, the famous pedestrian shopping street in Shenyang saw a colorful 300-metre lined up by charity bazaar booths. In the booths are staff and volunteers of various local NGOs, charity organizations, and grassroot initiatives. Curious passers-by get stopped to read the standing posters, attracted by the cute handicrafts or to talk to the volunteers. Raising awareness on charity causes is the major purpose to throw such event in the city center. 

Advocacy poster from left to right: Mining workers diagnosed with pneumoconiosis; Left-behind children (whose parents leave for big city to support family back in rural area); Humanitarian aid in natural disasters.


Paying for the handicrafts has to be done via digital WeChat Pay, to prompt an equivalent  matching donation from Tecent

LAF and GAF staff in front of the event banner. LAF is the key sponsor of the Charity Bazaar.


15 June Delegation of China Christian Council CCC visited GAF

CCC visitThe delegation is consisted of Rev. Wen Ge, Teacher of Nanjing Union Theological Seminary (first from left); Elder Ou Enli, Director of Overseas Relations Department, CCC/TSPM (second from left); Rev. Gao Feng, President of CCC (in the middle); Rev. Liang Ming, Vice President of CCC (far right), Chairperson of Guangdong Provincial TSPM.

The delegation visited World Council Church and some other organizations in the Ecumenical Building, at the end of the visit they came to GAF office and met GAF executive director and staff.


25-27 May, GAF Delegation attended the 36th German Protestant Kirchentag in Berlin, Wittenberg, Germany 

kirchentag 2017 slogan

The 36th German Protestant Kirchentag (May 24-28, 2017) happened on the occasion of historical 500-year anniversary of Protestant Reformation. The bi-annual German Protestant Kirchentag is the largest church event in Europe, this year with almost 200’000 participants.

The GAF delegation consisting of Prof. Stueckelberger, Vanessa Wang and John Zhang Ran who joined from China, attended 3-day of the event. The program that GAF delegation put together was handpicked out of hundreds of events based on their relevance, importance to currently what GAF is doing, the focus was placed on the Market of Opportunities - a large collective fair by all types of Christian organizations majorly from Germany and from Europe. The delegation reached out to dozens of contacts spamming independent organization, political party affiliated organization, academia, diaconia. It is eye- opening to learn that in Germany, Christianity is deeply rooted in people’s social life and political life, especially the 

with German development officialimpact that Christians party members bring forth in the major political parties CDU/CSU, SPD, Green, also the favour German government shows towards the Christian positive influence; These in certain ways have helped shaping the role that today Germany is playing and wants to play politically and economically in EU and in international context. Almost all Ministers of the German government, including Chancellor Merkel in a talk with Obama, have been present on panel discussions at the Kirchentag!

panoramaBible studies, worships, exhibitions in Wittenberg certainly revived the delegation members in their personal conviction and their work for GAF. Through bible verses, hymns, artworks, communion with Christians in the Kirchentag, a strong feeling was there that the community of God is beyond denomination, liturgy, believer’s nationality or background. Being with God’s people is pure joy, like in the Hebrews says ‘Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together and exhorting each other’.

China was one of the hot words often being mentioned in different panels and lectures. Economical leap of China attracts full attention whereas the spiritual/Christianity conditions inside China remain somehow obscure from rest of the world. Us GAF, having the vision to serve as a platform to connect global Christian entrepreneurs, can contribute in a sense of presenting Chinese Christian entrepreneurs to the world. GAF foresees that in coming Kirchentags, a panel could include Chinese Christian entrepreneurs/business leaders, introducing voices from China.

For people living distant, it might be easy to misunderstand that Christianity is declining drastically in Europe. Fairly speaking, within two dozens of centuries Christianity has been broken down and been blended into fractions of European society, its vivacity sparkles here and there which certainly has not died out. The Kirchentag is a convincing proof, people gather to worship God, learn Bible, moreover are actively involved in discussion on public affairs and their country’s future. Large amount of young volunteers were there ready to help, we see the hope and young generation is the hope.


‘You see me’ is the slogan of the 36th Kirchentag, from Genesis 13:11.Thanks to reformation, now we also are able to ‘see’ (encounter) God in His words, His deeds personally. May the next 500 years see a better world in His eyes. 



27 April, GAF addresses "What is the role of Christian entrepreneurship?" at World Council of Church

Tray LunchOn 27 April in the World Church Council building, GAF's Executive Director Prof. Stückelberger presented GAF and its uniqueness in the relationship with Christian entrepreneurs by answering "What is the role of Christian entrepreneurship in the world, in churches and in the Ecumenical movement?" Respond from Athena Peralta WCC Programme Executive for the Economy of Life and Q&A from audience followed.