What is GAF?

Geneva Agape Foundation (GAF) is a global non-profit foundation based in Geneva Switzerland. GAF aims at living love (Agape) in a professional and practical way through Values-driven Entrepreneurship, Innovative Philanthropy and Values-driven Investments. GAF acts as Innovator, Incubator and Facilitator to transform lives and society with the Agape-love.

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2018 Conference


Stronger Together: Faith-based Entrepreneur Conference was held for the first time on 22-23 Jan. 2018 in Ecumenical Center, Geneva, Switzerland. It was co-organized by Geneva Agape Foundation and World Council of Churches.

Around 60 participants from five continents gathered for the 2-day in-depth sharing and exchange on the topic of faith in business, in finance and in investment.

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1. We believe the churches' voice will impact the global economy - Apply for Ecumenical School on Governance, Economics and Management (GEM) for an Economy of Life - 19 - 31 August 2018, Mexico City, Mexico (More)

2. Michael Moller, Secretary-General of the UNOG received the Executive Director of GAF (More)

3. The Zurich-based bi-weekly Magazine “Reformiert” has featured an interview with Prof. Cui Wantian, the President of GAF in its November edition. (More)

4. Eight world religions launching in Zug on 31 Oct. guidelines for investment policies which correspond to their faith values. GAF, present by its President Cui Wantian and Executive Director Christoph Stückelberger, actively contributed. (More)          

5. Amity Foundation, GAF's leading partner, co-organized a charity exchange forum in Hongkong on Sep. 25 in the wake of 99 Charity Day. (More)

6. Liaoning Agape Foundation LAF, a Chinese partner of GAF, raised over 350,000 RMB for two projects. They were all spent online on 9 September, the National Charity Day 99. (More)

7. Charity Bazaar on 99 Charity Day on Taiyuan Jie, Shenyang. LAF and GAF were present. (More)

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