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Project 3.5: Publication

SCR300 2018 English version

SDG Commitment Report empowers investors to move from negative screening to impact investing

1. Corporate communication on the SDGs is increasing

2. The SDG brand is growing invisibility

3. Urgency is developing around some of the SDGs

Report of two International Conferences Geneva 2019

Spirituality 4.0 at the Workplace
How can spirituality strengthen to live faith and values in daily professional decisions? How is spirituality in the modern cyber-world 4.0 on constant global connectivity possible? 
FaithInvest – Building Bridges
Churches and church-related institutions with their pension funds and assets invest
billions of dollar worldwide. How can these investments become consistent with the Christian Values and have a positive impact on development? And how can Christian Development agencies partner with these church investors more than in the past? The report summarizes the speeches, panel and group discussions with recommendations from participants from all continents.