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"Faith and Management: complementarities, contradictions, concerns
The International Association of Management, Spirituality & Religion"

Symposium on Faith and Management, June, 26-27 2018, in Vienna
The symposium language is German

The 1st Vienna Symposium on Faith and Management intends to connect scholars from Austria, Germany and Switzerland (the DACH-region) who explore the interface between faith, spirituality & religion on the one hand and management & leadership on the other. We invite conceptual and empirical submissions as well as position-papers and expressions of interest, are open for a broad spectrum of theoretical and methodological backgrounds, and specifically encourage scholars from all religious traditions to apply.


“Making Government and Business Mutual”

Economic Summit Europe meeting, 12-13 April 2018 in the Netherlands

economic summit

The Economic Summit exists to promote the dissemination and implementation of new paradigms on finance and economy based on Christian tradition, faith and thought, and transformational businesses generating four-fold capital (human, social,natural and profit) as new models for poverty alleviation and sustainable economies. Sustainable economies do not exist in isolation, but have everything to do with the social, political and spiritual structures in which they are embedded. The focus therefore also includes the factors that lead to sustainable development.


"Passing the Business Baton"

Faith in Business Conference,13-15 April 2018 at Ridley Hall, Cambridge 

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This year's theme will be of interest to people from all business sectors and corporate structures who want to make more of an impact as Christians in the business world. The speakers will include Mark Spelman, Simon Lawson, Keren Pybus, Gavin Oldham, Robert Hallam and Val King. 

Faith in Business is based at Ridley Hall in Cambridge. For over 25 years they have been exploring what it means to be a faithful disciple of Jesus in what they know is often a very demanding working context.