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Day 1 - Monday, Jan. 22, 2018

  • Prof. Cui Wantian, Founder/President of Geneva Agape Foundation, China [4P, 334 KB]
  • Prof. Isabel Phiri, Deputy General Secretary, World Council of Churches, Switzerland [4P, 339 KB]
Keynote: Faith in Business in China, Africa and the World
  • Prof. You Bin, Religious Research Institute in Minzu University of China, China [24P, 1.1MB]
  • Pastor John Enelama, Apostles in the Marketplace, Nigeria  [32P, 612KB]
  • Mr. Rolando Medeiros, President Uniapac International (International Christian Union of Business Executives), Chile  [3P, 69KB]
Panel: Christian Entrepreneurs’ Associations: Past, Present, Future. 
  • Dr. Richard Higginson, Pastor Kina Robertshaw, Faith in Business, Ridley Hall Cambridge, UK  [6P, 8MB]
  • Mr. Michael Nägeli, International Association of Christian Entrepreneurs IVCG and VCU, Switzerland
  • Mr. Stephan Werhahn, Association of Catholic Entrepreneurs in Germany (Bund Kath. Unter-nehmer BKU) [9P, 1.1MB]
  • Dr. Arleen Westerhof, European Economic Summit, Netherlands [13P, 732KB]
  • Mr. Timo Plutschinski, World Evangelical Alliance Business Coalition WEABC, Germany [11P, 1.3MB]
  • Prof. Alexander Ageev, Association of Orthodox Business Leaders in Russia [16P, 3.5MB]
  • Mr. Pierre Martino-Lagarde, International Labor Organization, Geneva [6P, 257KB]
Panel: Multi-stakeholders, Christian Faith in Workplace
  • Mrs. Helen HoweChristian Aid SALT Business Network, UK: Entrepreneurs and Workers in Christian Development Organisations [10P, 2MB]
  • Niels Riconalla, Fellowship of Christians in Government FOCIG, Philippines: Christians in Public Administration [59P, 12MB]
  • Dr. Nicoleta Acatrinei, Faith & Work Initiative, Princeton University, US [11P, 203KB
  • Mr. Yvan Maillard Ardenti, Bread for All, Switzerland: Responsible Business [17P, 1.5MB
  • Mr. Tony HodgesCity Vision, UK: Faith in professional life [9P, 1M]
Evening: Stories of Christian Entrepreneurs
  • Dieter and Jeanne Pestalozzi,  Entrepreneur and President of Bread for All, Switzerland [1P, 29K]
  • Dr. Christoph Sigrist, Institue of Systematic Theology at University of Bern, Urbain Diakonia Foundation, Switzerland [3P, 87KB]

Day 2 - Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018

Keynote: Values-Driven Entrepreneurship in different World Views and Continents
  • Mr. Hubert Miyimi Muwawa, Société National des Hydrocarbures du Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo [In French, 29P, 5MB]
  • Prof. Cui Wantian, Founder and President of GAF, Prof. of Economics, China [9P, 609KB]
  • Ms. Cui Ning, Kingdom Business College, China [29P, 1.1MB]
Plenary: Presentations of workgroup <The Responsibility of Christian Entrepreneurs>
  • Rodrigo Whitelaw, Uniapac: Company [3P, 67KB]
  • Niels Riconalla, FOCIG Philippines: Family [1P, 133KB]
  • Peralta Athena, WCC: Church [1P, 71KB]
  • Yvan Maillard Ardenti: Politics/Advocacy [2P, 92KB]      
  • Nicolas Lorne: Impact Investment [1P, 147KB]
Plenary: The Way Forward  
  • <Tools of future cooperation>, Prof. Christoph Stückelberger, Executive Director of GAF, Switzerland [5P, 383KB]
  • <Faith in Business Declaration> [2P, 237KB]