Walk the Talk: Asia Focus_Mar

Online Conference: 5 Mar 2021

Covid-19 creates worldwide turbulences in health, economy, politics, education, religious answers and much more. Allocation of resources – capital, natural, human and religious resources – with the best impact on development becomes even more important. Churches and church-related partners and investors have great potential to contribute to faith-driven and impactful investing.

After successful conferences in last three years on faith-driven investing, the focus of the conference 2021 is on Walk the talk by sharing experiences of successful and challenging investment projects, strengthening impactful cooperation between faith partners and investors, and present tools to make projects investable

For reasons of time zones in online conferences, this one has a Focus on Asia. A similar conference was held on 15 January with the Focus on Africa

The conference will be held as virtual conference online, due to the global Covid-19 Pandemic and ongoing travel and meeting restrictions in Geneva. The plenary sessions will be available as video after the conference on the conference page below. Those from the Africa Focus conference held on 15 January are already available here

Registration fee: 30 USD. See registration form. Registration is open until 4 March, but please register earlier to plan the workgroups and for participants to find you in advance. Registration form (online and via email) and updated programme are available. 

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