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Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Christoph Stückelberger


Christoph Stückelberger (born 1951) is Founder, was Executive Director (2008-2016) and is President (since July 2016) of the global network on ethics “ Foundation”, based in Geneva/Switzerland and with ten offices on four continents. He is Executive Director of Geneva Agape Foundation in Geneva, mainly with partners in China. He is Prof. (em.) at the University of Basel, Distinguished Professor at the Technical University MEPhI in Moscow, Visiting Professor at GOU University in Enugu/Nigeria and at Kingdom Business College in Beijing/China. He got his doctor honoris causa (Dr. h.c.) from the UPC University in Kinshasa/DR Congo for his longterm engagement in Africa. He is Vice-President of the Ethics Committee of Prime Value (Ethics Fund), member of the Board of Quadia SA Geneva and Ethics Advisor for the UN-Scaling Up Nutrition Programme (SUN).

His main fields of research are economic/business ethics, trade ethics, finance ethics, political ethics, development ethics, environmental ethics and philanthropy. He published as author and editor many books and hundreds of articles on applied ethics, in seven languages, among others on Responsible Leadership, Global Trade Ethics, food ethics, peace ethics, consumer ethics, work ethics, corruption, interreligious ethics, technology and ethics, development ethics, fundamental values and bioethics. In 2016 he published four volumes “Global Ethics Applied (1500 pages, free download, Readers Series) with 90 of his articles, selected from a broad range of topics.

He was Director of the Swiss Development Organisation “Bread for all” (14 years); Director of the Institute for Theology and Ethics of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (4 Years); Editor-in-chief of a large Magazin (8 Years); Founder and President of  Transparency International Switzerland; Member of the Commission for International Cooperation of the Swiss Government (14 years) and President of its sub-commission on WTO for several years; Member of the Swiss Ethics Committee on Non-human Biotechnology of the Swiss Government (9 years); Member and President of the Council of the Swiss Import Promotion Programme SIPPO to support imports from developing countries; President of the international microfinance institution ECLOF working in 30 developing countries (9 years); Founding President of the Swiss Association Church and Environment OeKU; member and consultant of various ethics committees of very large and small Banks (international, Switzerland, Germany, China) and a Sovereign Wealth Fund; consultant of international companies; member of Boards of academic Ethics Centers.