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NGO Partners

Liaoning Agape Foundation, China


Founded in March, 2016, Liaoning Agape Foundation (LAF) aims to bring together all kinds of love and talents to focus on the development of the most vulnerable young people and explore innovative philanthropy models. With the help of technological, specializing, transparent and international management, LAF thrives to become the most innovative and credible private foundations in Northeast China. Foundation, Switzerland

globe is a worldwide ethics network based in Geneva, it provides an electronic platform for ethical reflection and action. The core contributions from Foundation are from the following five aspects:

    1. Online library on Ethics
    2. Online Chinese Christianity Collection
    3. Religious art collection
    4. Publications
    5. Training workshops for entrepreneurs


The Amity Foundation, China


The Amity Foundation is an independent Chinese voluntary organization founded in 1985 on the initiative of Chinese Christians and support of interested groups to promote education, social services, health, community development, environmental protection, disaster relief, and poverty reduction in the underdeveloped areas of China. Amity projects have benefited more than ten million people both at home and abroad.

Amity International Liaison Office is hosted at GAF in Geneva.


Faith in Business


Based at Ridley Hall in Cambridge University was launched by Ridley to support today’s Christians in the world of work, while at the same time enlarging the vision of Ridley’s current theology students for their future ministry. Since its establishment in 1989 this project has been supporting lay Christians in demanding working contexts and raising awareness among present and future church leaders about the critical issues of business and contemporary culture.


Lavington United Church, Kenya 


Lavington United Church (LUC) was founded in 1960 through a joint effort of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK), Methodist Church of Kenya (MCK) and the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) as a community church to minister to the Lavington community. LUC runs various social and diaconal projects in slum area of Nairobi in education and health sector.

GAF supports social projects of LUC. 


Boston Westwood Foundation, USA

Boston Westwood Foundation (BWF) was founded in Massachusetts, USA by a group of entrepreneurs from the high tech industry in Boston area who had passion for love and care for others. The goal of Foundation is to facilitate the science, technology, education and culture exchange and innovation worldwide, especially between China and US that would enhance and strengthen the love, trust, and support in the family as well as in the society. Foundation is currently focused on several areas covering Science & Technology domain to promote technological innovation and intellectual property protection, Education domain to encourage the innovation in academic and cross-related areas, and emphasize on the morality and the quality education, Culture domain to enforce multi-culture communication especially between China and US.