What is GAF?

Geneva Agape Foundation (GAF) is a global non-profit foundation based in Geneva Switzerland. GAF aims at living love (Agape) in a professional and practical way through Values-driven Entrepreneurship, Innovative Philanthropy and Values-driven Investments. GAF acts as Innovator, Incubator and Facilitator to transform lives and society with the Agape-love.

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Welcome to Geneva Agape Foundation!

Message from the Founder

Prof. Dr. CuiProf. Dr. Cui Wantian, 

Founder and President of GAF

We have a dream.
The greatest thing in this world is love (agape).
The equality in love is the true and fundamental equality.
Charity is the son of love!
Charity without love is a well-looking lady with a hollow body;
Dream becomes true in love!
That is the vision of our foundation, Love and Dream.
We are inventors of love.
We are engineers of love.
We are scientists of love.
We are philanthropists of love.
We are artists of love.
We are entrepreneurs of love.

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1. Liaoning Agape Foundation LAF, a Chinese partner of Geneva Agape Foundation, raised over 350,000 RMB for two projects. They were all spent online on 9 September, the National Charity Day 99. (More)

2. Charity Bazaar on 99 Charity Day on Taiyuan Jie, Shenyang. LAF and GAF were present. (More)

3. Delegation of China Christian Council visited GAF on 15 June. (More)

4. GAF delegation attended the 36th German Protestant Kirchentag in Berlin and Wittenberg, Germany, 25-27 May 2017 (More)

5. Online Chinese Christianity Collection OCCC, the worldwide largest online library on Chinese Christianity is now online! GAF hosts OCCC site.

6. On 27 April in the World Church Council building, GAF's Executive Director Prof. Stückelberger presented GAF and its uniqueness in the relationship with Christian entrepreneurs (More)