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Donate your money!

Cash donations: The Geneva Agape Foundation GAF as a Not-for-Profit Organization (NPO) is thankful to the founder who generously covers the core management costs of the foundation. For programmes and projects in China, Africa and globally GAF needs the support of donors. These can be non-earmarked general donations or earmarked donations for a specific project. They can be donated in any currency.  Donations to GAF as a  Foundation under Swiss law can be deducted from taxes!      

In kind donations: GAF is also thankful for in kind donations: food supply as for the project in China for young abandoned children, material such as hardware or software, air tickets for participants of conferences etc.

Sharing a car or an apartment for the benefit of the needy and the projects of the foundation is another way of sharing resources and is part of the innovative sharing economy.

Investments with Benefit Sharing: With Investments you get a return on your capital and share a part of this return with GAF. Thanks to the expertise of very competent investment partners, GAF provides also professional consultancy on profitable and values-driven investments.

Guarantees: With  a bank guarantee you maintain the full revenue of your capital or other properties and at the same time you allow GAF to get access to or increase the mortgage e.g. for real estate investments.

Contact the Executive Director Prof. Dr. Christoph Stückelberger at for inquiries.